Gioviano, Italy serves as a special meditation center and place of pilgrimage for Ethicians worldwide. It is the village to which Ethicius I, Prelate of the Universal Ethician Church returns each year to recharge his spiritual batteries.

This tiny medieval hill town rises 900 feet from the valley floor and is perched atop a promontory. Built in concentric circles, one may, in the course of a ten minute walk around the village, be looking toward Bethlehem, Mecca, Rome, the sacred Ganges, Jerusalem, Lourdes, as well as every other sacred point on Planet Eden.

In the evening, one can sense the spiritual importance of this sacred spot, dedicated to God when His name was Giovo, (also known as Jupiter or Zeus). From Gioviano, one may look toward the Passo di Giovo across which many pilgrims traveled in the middle ages on their way to Rome.

The village church is at least a thousand years old and is probably located over the foundations of a temple dedicated to God in Roman times. It is ironic that the early polytheistic Romans were unaware that they were in fact worshiping the one and only God of the Universe, when they were worshiping Jupiter as were the ancient Greeks when they were worshiping Zeus.

The entire area around Gioviano is sprinkled with shrines, churches, cathedrals, monasteries, pilgrimage chapels, and breathtaking examples of God's handiwork.

Craggy mountain peaks, forested hills, ancient chestnut trees, meadows carpeted with wildflowers, grottos, and springs testify to the importance of this special place to God when He designed Planet Eden.

Most of the year Ethicius resides in Huntsville, Texas, "The City of Death-La Citta di Morte". Huntsville is a spiritual desert while Gioviano is a spiritual oasis, "The City of Life-La Citta di Vita". For example, in less than 200 years of occupation by immigrants to Huntsville, every one of God's wolves have been destroyed, while in over 2,000 years of human occupation, wolves still roam free in the mountains around Gioviano.

Other contrasts are as follows:

Huntsville is the "City of Darkness". Its children are forced to endure much of their lives in classrooms without windows or access to sunlight, fresh air, or even a glimpse of the beauties of Creation.

Gioviano is the "City of Light". Its children are allowed to spend much of their lives in classrooms with windows where they may admire the beauty of each day and give thanks to God for His blessings of natural light, fresh air, and the beauties of Creation.

The Mayor of Huntsville takes great pride in the economic benefits derived from the penalty of death which has been imposed on and carried out in "The City of Death" including the State sanctioned murder of at least a dozen innocent persons wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit.

The Mayor of Gioviano takes great pride in the economic benefits derived from visitors who come to walk in the mountains, admire the wild orchids, watch the Royal Eagles as they soar above, and visit the many beautiful churches.

The citizens of Huntsville have taken little if any pride in their heritage and have bulldozed, burned or demolished nearly every beautiful home and building which had been built before the era of greed which has consumed the town in the last 50 years.

The citizens of Gioviano have taken great pride in their heritage and have preserved and restored almost every one of her historic homes and churches, many of which are hundreds of years old.

The citizens of Huntsville gorge themselves on junk food, greasy meats, food adulterated with chemicals, dyes, artificial flavors, and pesticides.

The citizens of Gioviano gorge themselves on home-made pasta, garden-fresh vegetables from their own organic gardens, free-range chickens raised without steroids and antibiotics, wine produced from local vineyards and the best olive oil in the entire world.

The citizens of Huntsville tear down the beautiful churches built by their ancestors and build ugly new churches and huge parking lots where once there had been beautiful trees, flowers, birds, and other wonderful examples of God's handiwork.

The citizens of Gioviano protect, preserve, and restore their beautiful churches and shrines and adorn them with flowers.


Gioviano e l'Oratorio di S.Bartolomeo
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